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Welcome to yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD£¡

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Companies adhering to the constant state group¡°People-oriented¡¢Sustainable development¡±The enterprise concept£¬Together with the dealer to do the lubricating oil market£¬Developing health together£¬Let more consumer to use high quality lubricating oil¡£


Enterprise honor

Advanced equipment

The company independent research and development of lubricating oil series products include car oil at present¡¢Industrial oil¡¢Special oil altogether40Multiple varieties£¬100A variety of brands£¬As the market develops unceasingly£¬Also add some applicability¡¢Higher quality¡¢Vitality more varieties¡£

Yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD. Is one of the chemical enterprise of jiaodong peninsula created earlier.The main products of the company£ºIndustrial lubricants¡¢Automotive lubricants¡¢The vehicle brake fluid¡¢Grease¡¢Automobile maintenance products¡¢Automotive urea solution¡£

About us

Industrial lubricants

The vehicle brake fluid

Automotive lubricants


Automobile maintenance products

Yantai heng bang chemical co., LTD. Lubricating oil enterprise standard
£¨Better than the national standard£©


1.Hydraulic transmission oil              
2.DCDSpecial ship diesel engine oil   
3.Extreme pressure cutting oil                  
4.Edm oil          
5.Natural gas engine oil            
6.SM¡¢SNGasoline engine oil    
7.CJ-4Diesel engine oil         
8.Automobile automatic transmission fluidATF    
9.Automobile automatic transmission fluidCVT    
10.Screw air compressor oilL-DAH  
11.Stationary oil gas generator  
12.DCAMarine cylinder oil



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